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One of the greatest benefits of Meals on Wheels America membership is the ability to harness the power of the national network of overall programs into significant savings for your local program. Access your members-only discounts for the products and services you need to run your program successfully through Premier’s group purchasing program. This member benefit is free of charge!

Premier’s group purchasing services provide multiple options for members to aggregate volume and receive discounts on categories such as facilities, equipment needs, office supplies, information technology, administrative and more.

Access Premier's group purchasing savings today by completing the enrollment form.


To receive members-only discounts, you must be a member of Meals On Wheels America.


As the preferred Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) for Meals on Wheels America, Premier’s programs far exceed our group purchasing tools.

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The Premier Foodservice Program is a proven, 20+year program which offers an aggressive national distribution through a partnership with US Foods.

Business Essentials cover many areas within an office.  Office Depot offers not only office supplies but furniture, printing, copying, basic office food supplies and cleaning products to manage your entire office.

Premier Supply Chain

Supply chain management isn’t just about getting the lowest price. It’s about making sure the product you’re buying fits the needs of your patients and drives the best outcomes at the best price possible.

Market baskets

Conducting a market basket analysis can help project potential cost savings. Each category has different information that is needed to conduct a true analysis and determine the best program based on your individual facility and the contract you’re considering.

There are specific forms required with information needed for foodservice and office supplies. For all other contracts please call 855-884-8416 to connect with the national representative for the category you’re interested in. Or, if you’re already a member of Premier, log into Supply Chain Advisor for contract parameters and your local representative.

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